My favorite style of photography is what I call Beauty in Nature, where I showcase a woman’s beauty in a natural, outdoor setting.

Since adolescence, I’ve naturally appreciated female beauty, starting with the discovery of Cheryl Tiegs in Sears catalogs, Elle Macpherson and Tyra Banks in Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issues, and the sexy photos and posters of Madonna, Samantha Fox, and Whitney Houston.

When I met Misha, the woman who would become my wife, she became my main model. She has helped me grow my skills. If you come over, you’ll see her photos on our bedroom walls. I put her on a pedestal. With her help, my work has become stronger and my audience has grown. My opportunities to photograph potential subjects have grown as well. In this gallery, please enjoy my favorite shots from my beauty photography sessions with my wife Misha, and with a growing number of enthusiastic people that want to be showcased in my unique style, in particular, my Beauty in Nature series. I love showcasing women’s beauty and connecting with nature. It gives me the creative outlet that I need and helps my subjects realize their beauty and self-esteem.

Below, you’ll find the best of my work.